Hybrid AM & CNC Manufacturing Processes

In the AM Process stage, DESIGNO excels in Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer-Aided Process Planning (CAPP). Our CAM solutions facilitate the seamless translation of digital designs and process adaptation into real-world objects, optimizing the manufacturing process for efficiency and precision. With dedicated CAx tools, we bring sophistication to process execution, being able to integrate various manufacturing processes, related strategies and operations into a coherent and streamlined workflow. This integration is key to achieving high levels of productivity and maintaining consistency in quality, enabling us to handle complex manufacturing challenges with agility and flexibility, going beyond the State of Art.

Part of the work of this tool package is supported by MODUL4R HE European Project. It aims to advance manufacturing with robust and autonomous modular production lines and supply chains. These advancements will allow low-volume production of new products, as well as capacities to rapidly adapt to unexpected situations and changeable supply chains.